Responsive website design is very helpful for the users to understand your business objectives. Your website should be designed in such a way with complete guidelines that make it easy for the users to purchase your products or services. Responsive websites are very beneficial to grab the attention of the customers and helpful to make your business more successful. Responsive websites are very easy to use as it shows on which page you are on the website? Where to go next? And which information is present on which page? 

Your website should be clearly visible on all types of gadgets and must have the ability to adjust according to the screen size of the device. It is very essential to enhance the reputation of your business. Sometimes website designers are very confused while creating a responsive website design and they make some common mistakes which affect your business at a higher level. 

Mistakes to avoid:

While creating a responsive website for your business you need to keep some essential points in your mind which are necessary for making a responsive website. 

Here are some common mistakes that you should avoid during the designing of responsive websites.

  • Web pages take too long to load:

Most users want a quick response while using any website. They want convenience when they are browsing. But it will disappoint the customers if your website takes a long time to load. This is due to adding a lot of unnecessary images and videos on the website. 

There are many side effects of this mistake because it will decrease your ranking on search engines which will automatically decrease conversion rate. And also decrease the attention of the users towards your website. If you want to provide a better user experience and want to make your website more responsive you should remove the extra images, content and videos from your website page. 

  • Misunderstanding the touchscreen experience:

With the advancement in technologies and invention of touch screen devices, users prefer to use them for comfort and making their work faster. Touchscreen encounters are now observed in smartphones as well. So during the creation of responsive website design, designers should admittedly apprehend the essentials of touchscreen encounter. Most of the time users want to zoom the screen to observe and analyze your products but if your website will respond slow and will not function properly it will disappoint the users. You should understand the touchscreen experience and organize your website that rapidly works on types of touchscreen devices. After zooming the screen your image should not be pixelated. 

  • Content should not be hidden:

Content is the important part of the website because it describes the qualities of your brand products or services. In order to create responsive website design you should insert less images and should add short necessary content. But it does not mean that your content should be neglected. You need to arrange the content in an appropriate way that should be easily readable for everyone. 

You can create navigation links using anchors that can take the users to that page for which the users have been looking for. Some website designers make a mistake of stylizing the content using CSS. It takes a lot of time to download the content and this causes the users to lose interest and he/she leaves your website. 

  • Don’t design for desktop first:

Most of the web designers make a common mistake to design a website first for the desktop instead of other devices such as mobile phones and tablets. They think that it will be easy for them to turn it into a responsive design on other gadgets. This mistake could be an enormous mistake later on. 

So you should first design your website according to the mobile devices.  If you will create the web design for mobile devices first it will decrease the errors and save your time to fix them. As a rule of thumb you should start your work with the smaller devices first because it will be very easily modified for bigger screen devices later on. 

  • Creating too many break points:

Breakpoints means units that make the layout of a website change based on the width of the device on which the website is being used. Breakpoints are used in conjunctions to control how the website should appear in different sizes on different devices. But too many breakpoints are not good in any responsive website. If you create too many breakpoints in the responsive website design, it makes your website inconvenient and unprofessional. It is a very common mistake that causes the attention of the users towards other websites.